Custom airbrushed Hood liners, Helmets, Etc. Artistic Airbrush Services provided by Tim Miklos of iPaint Airbrush Studio, Pittsburgh, PA services
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John Lennon Airbrushed on a T-shirt
Hannibal Lecter B&W Airbrushed on a T-shirt
Frankenstein B&W Airbrushed on a T-Shirt
Eagle with Harley-Davidson Logo Airbrushed on a Denim Jacket
Tiger Airbrushed on a T-Shirt
Wolf Airbrushed on Leather Jacket
Custom Airbrushed Hood Insulation Liner for a Ford Mustang
Custom airbrushed motorcycle
I believe in collaborating with people to capture their unique ideas. I offer a variety of different airbrush art services, depending on my clients’ needs.  

This is a partial list of the types of services I have offered up to now, but there is always the possibility that I will add more options to the list, depending on demand.

The current list includes:

  • Illustration
  • Portraits
  • Fine Art
  • Custom Motorcycle Art
  • Custom Goalie Masks
  • Riding and Batting Helmets
  • Custom Kitchenaid Mixers
  • Denim / Leather
  • Car Portraits
  • Custom License Plates
  • Airbrushed Hood Insulation Liners
  • Temporary Tattoos

I do not have a set price list, because each custom painting is unique and requires different time commitments. Prices will be based on the following criteria:

  • Detail involved
  • Size of painting
  • Length of deadline
  • Special pickup/delivery requirements

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